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Serenity Chalet

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You're invited to indulge in a day of wonderful physical and mental treatments guaranted to soothe your mind, body, and spirit ... in essence, to experience a feeling of bliss extending from sole to soul. I have choosen an ideal location.... Nestled among natures best, a secluded cottage overlooking a beautiful lake and a world away. This is a setting that is conducive and worthy of the tranquility you seek. A special candlelight evening with soothing music, wine and cheese and of course, delightful converstaion with intimate friends awaits.


Join us as we give you a pictorial tour of Serenity Chalet from the scenic grounds to the beautiful ambience of its interior.

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Barbara Hynes
34 Frecker Place
Dunville, NL
A0B 1S0
709 227-5123